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About my Copyright

For those of you who don't, or pretend not to know what this means - you may not use any of my images and claim them as your own - you may not use them for profit with your name, anybody else's name, or nobody's name - and you may not use them for profit with my name on them unless you get written permission from me first (in other words, I get a cut). I've put literally thousands of grueling hours into making myself as skilled an artist as I am (whether you think so or not is for you and not me to decide, and also for you and not me to care), and I feel I'm entitled to some remuneration for my efforts.

With that unfriendliness aside, let's forget the law and just go with what's reasonable, fair, and right. I put these images up on a public forum; I hope and actually expect that you will enjoy them - even download them and show them to your friends. If my work inspires you to push yourself a little harder or in a different direction to your benefit and enjoyment - I am pleased - because much of what I do is a result of absorbing the work of others who inspired me. If you want to screw me over and use my work in violation of copyright, there's little or nothing I can do about it - unless someone calls it to my attention, and that rarely happens. If you have some scheme involving my artwork that will make you some money, just let me know - if I help we can probably both make more money in cooperation than you could by violating me alone.

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